Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ML Knives custom whittler

My first custom whittling knife is nearly complete! Matt from ML Knives sent me some in-progress photos. First is a pic of the hand-forged blade.

And now the finished knife with handle and pin. I absolutly love the piece of maple he chose for this project.

Matt is making up a desk sheath for the knife as well. I can't wait to take this beauty carving!


  1. Oh so you don't make your own knives? You gonna order knives online when the grid goes down during the Apocalypse? Hhmm. Just saying.

    p.s. the randomized letter combination I had to type in to post this was "rapin"


  2. I don't expect a knife shortage to be among my post apocalyptic concerns. But mark my words, I shall forge my own knives one day!