Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beer tap handles for the Olde Brick House brewery

Tap handles should be comfortable, sturdy, and attractive to look at. They should also represent something, be it a specific beer, a brewery, a bar or restaraunt, or a private homebrewer's label. I think I've accomplished those goals with these two custom-made tap handles.

These were made as a Christmas gift. The recipient is a homebrewer, and names his label "Olde Brick House Brewery" after the colonial red brick building he calls home. That set the theme for both taps, and I sketched out some ideas on my notepad.

One handle would be reminescent of brick, with a flat circle on top showing a large hop bud carved in relief.

The second tap handle has a little brick house, carved in the round, and painted red with a green door. Both handles are fixed with a brass ferrule in order to attach them to the tap system.

This was a great project, and one that I'm proud to have completed.