Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Woodspirit Walking Stick

The woodspirit walking stick project is finished! I gave it a few coats of stain, a urethane clear coat to protect it, and a combination spike/rubber foot on the bottom. It is now ready for on- or off-road adventure.

This was a fun one to carve, and a learning experience as well.


  1. I have a book on carving walkingsticks. This one you just finished is very inspiring. I'm feeling the urge to carve...

  2. Thanks Arsenios! It was easier than I'd imagined, and I'm eager to carve another as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Now THAT is a mighty fine walking stick if I do say so myself! Mine are sanded and oil finished, but if I took a knife to any of them, I would end up with little more than wood shavings and toothpicks!

    Very nice work!

    Oh and BTW, I found you via my friend Arsenios at Primitive Point.

    Best Regards,
    Albert A Rasch™
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Afghanistan, Permaculture, and Beekeeping

  4. Kind words indeed, Albert! I'm now enjoying your Outdoor Chronicles. Stay safe.