Monday, May 28, 2012

Custom order: Toy Wooden Dragon

This one was by special request from a great lady way out in Texas. She asked me to carve a toy dragon "in the style of your horses." It was an exciting prospect, so I put pencil to paper, sketching up some designs. I chose a seated position for the dragon, in order to keep the centerof gravity low and ensure a nice solid carving. The tail is carved on the right side, giving the appearance of wrapping around the flank before ending in a slight curl.
The dragon is carved from a single block of basswood, then lightly sanded in order to leave the whittle marks. A few coats of non-toxic salad bowl finish sealed the wood and left it with a natural tone. I also gave it a pass with some high-grit sandpaper after painting, which knocks the paint off of the higher grooves and gives the carving an aged look. A final coat of shelac and the dragon was done.


  1. Turn it into a camel, add some critters with it and you could sell creches.

  2. Very nice. I really like how this looks, especially how the tail wraps around and on the other side there is the heart shape made by the wings and legs. Very creative!

  3. Standardize the design, and paint them different colors. Collect all the Chromatic Dragons! Order now!

  4. @Gorges: Great idea! I've had a Nativity Sccene on my list for as long as I've been whittlin. I'll probably start with the Holy Family, then add more when I feel confident.

    @Becky: I didn't even notice the heart shape! Very cool.

    @JP: More to come. I think the blue dragons live in sandy deserts, so keep watching the skies.