Saturday, May 11, 2013

D&D Adventuring Party- The Thief

The Thief figure is just about carved! The figure features the grinning Thief, gold coin in one hand, hidden dagger in the other. His belt holds two pouches, an empty knife scabbard, and a coiled rope. 

Next I'll carve the facial features, then give it some color with acrylic paint.


  1. Hi,

    Sorry i have not left a comment in a while. I cant wait to see the finished party.

    I reckon once the full adventuring company is finished you should make an evil party too. A mind flayer would be really cool with long flowing purple robes.

    Cheers man,


  2. Great idea, Andy! The Mind Flayer is a classic villain. My friend dressed up as one for Halloween two years ago, tentacled face and all.