Friday, October 1, 2010

A Spoon for Mom

Here's a spoon I carved for my Mom. The wood is from a pear tree in my parents' yard. The carving process was fun, since it smelled just like fresh pears. After carving, I hand sanded the spoon and soaked it in salad bowl finish.


  1. aww. its hard to imagine something better than a pear-scented carving project! my boyfriend and i are carving a spoon for my parents- but we started it like a year ago and still aren't done, probably because we never remember to work on it. hmm.

    also thanks for posting a link to my blog! wow! thats the first time that has happened as far as i know. neat. i am glad you like it, it is a really fun little project.

  2. Mom loves her spoon, and what more could I ask?

    Yeah, Continental Breakfasts is pretty sweet! Your photos are refreshing, and I look forward to every update. Its also a reminder that my photography needs work.