Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharpness: A leather strop with a twist

Carving wood means having sharp knives. I use regular old sharpening stones, but also resort to sandpaper, ceramic rods, and leather strops with polishing compound. I'm confident that I can bring most blades to a nice edge, and many blades with good steel to armhair-shaving perfection. The strop I've put together here carries a small ceramic rod. The rod is great for touching up a blade just before a few swipes on the leather. The ceramic rod's handle has a flathead nail in it, which contacts a rare earth magnet in the strop board, holding the rod safe and secure. This a rough version, and I plan on making the next one a little smoother looking, but the idea has borne fruit. I think it's a neat little sharpening kit.


  1. A very compact set-up, there. The cat, on the other hand, seems unimpressed.

  2. Thanks, folks! I think the cat was distracted by something much more important, like a bird.