Friday, August 31, 2012

Old time Whittler's tricks: cube in cage, with a wooden chain

Whittlin' really comes down to patience, experience, and skill, in that order. More than just about anything else, moving parts take special attention. It takes lots of tiny cuts in order to carefully remove certain areas, while preserving the parts you'd like to keep.
Whittling free-moving parts is very satisfying when it goes well, and a little heartbreaking when it does not. Break a link in your chain, and you might just discover a few brand-new curse words.


  1. Thanks, Abo! I'm thinking of finishing it with linseed oil, or I might just leave it as is.

  2. I reckon a nice finish would set it off brilliantly. Stick another picture up if you do.

  3. Great job. I appreciate the progress photo. I think a BLO finish would look nice. What type of knife is that in the photos? It looks like one of the blades is like a gouge.

  4. Thanks guys, I'll post pics when the finish is dry.

    Ronald, the knife is a two-bladed Case Razor. I've been carving with it lately, and it keeps it's edge nicely.