Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carving the Dark Wizard (part 2)

Here's a little update on the Dark Wizard toy. After roughing out the general shape with a coping saw, I'm now in the main carving phase. I'm using my Mora 1241 for this project. It's a terrific scandi-ground knife with a good sized handle.

I can already tell the wizard's face might come out different from what I originally planned, but that's fine. I'll keep the staff, as well as the wavy-bladed knife. There's just something that says "bad guy" about that shape!

As a bonus, here's a couple of pics of a dragon I made as a Christmas present for the same boy. I based the design on the prows of old Viking dragon ships(but with all sharp points removed.) Soon the Dark Wizard will lead this monster into battle.

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