Friday, December 31, 2010

Carving the Dark Wizard (part 3) COMPLETED!

Here he is, in all his malevolent glory. I shortened the wizard's staff in order to see his face, and added a tiny little monster face to it. Acrylic paint and spray shellac helped finish this little guy.

As you can see in these in-progress pics, the staff as designed was too long. My buddy's 2-year old son should get a kick out of this. Now his soldiers have a villian to battle!


  1. Hi,

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment (Belfast bushcraft) I really like your blog. I would love to be able to carve like that. Can you recommend me a book to learn the cuts and techniques for whittling?


  2. Thanks for the compliment, Andy! I started with "Whittling Twigs and Branches" by Chris Lubkemann. It's great for novice carvers because the materials are free and the designs are simple. I still enjoy carving his chicken designs.

    As for my own advice, keep your blade sharp and your first aid kit handy. Remember to make many small cuts instead of one large forceful one, which is dangerous. Control is the name of the game. Stay safe and have fun!