Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hearts & Crafts Winter show

Today's craft show was a success! From 11am to 5pm at Java's, Rochester NY, myself and about 15 other vendors (correction: 24 vendors!) showed our wares. I'd like to thank everyone involved in the show, especially Lisa and Marisa, the ladies responsible for organizing the event. It was a good time, and many of my carvings are on their way to new homes.

Table space was limited due to this being an indoor show in the cozy confines of a coffeehouse. To capitalize on this, I threw together a vertical display rack from a telescoping wreath hanger and some 8-gauge wire. Tan duct tape did the holding. The contraption worked like a charm.


  1. can you believe there were actually 24 vendors in there? it was bustling! glad you could do it, as always. We'll miss you in February!

  2. 24? I stand corrected! Very nice. For all the tables, it still didn't feel overcrowded. I'll be sure to stop by the Feb show, if only as a customer.