Monday, March 7, 2011

More Spool Carvings

More spool carvings! These four spools are destined to become bottle stoppers. All they need now is some dowels and corks. I'm pretty sure these are pine, but I'll admit my wood ID skills need honing. They carve well though, with no splitting or unexpected chipping. The wood responds well to linseed oil, giving it a waxy look and nice warm glow.

Also, my CaseXX Texas Jack knife is working out well. I favor the smaller of it's two blades for whittlin'. It's easy to control and plenty sharp.


  1. I'm surprised you can still FIND wooden spools! Here in WV it seems everything comes on plastic.

  2. A friend just gave me a heads-up on a local shop that carries wooden spools for $.25 each. I'll have to pay that place a visit!